Return of In-Car Testing at DriveTest

Published on June 10, 2021

Ontario is safely resuming in-vehicle passenger road tests with health and safety restrictions at all DriveTest centres across the province under Step One of the Roadmap to Reopen, including here in Newmarket-Aurora.


We are taking action to add more road tests and eliminate the backlog of road tests resulting from COVID-19 restrictions by investing more than $16 million to increase road testing capacity at all DriveTest centres across the province, including hiring 167 additional driver examiners.


We are also opening six temporary DriveTest centres to offer road testing seven days a week in areas where demand is highest. At select locations, we will extend weekday operating hours for passenger road testing and offer passenger road tests on weekends. The six temporary locations are scheduled to be in-service by September 2021.


Road tests will be available by appointment only. If you already have a road test appointment booked, it will be honoured. If you need to book a road test, visit


Due to the high demand for road test appointments, we are unable to prioritize customers with cancelled appointments. As measures to address the backlog come online, additional road test appointments will be made available. Please continue to check for new blocks of road test appointments.


If your road test was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will receive a credit on the system so that you can rebook your test.


To book your road test, please visit is the only official window for booking your road test.


To protect the health and safety of DriveTest customers and staff, customers will be required  to wear face masks inside centres and during road tests, sanitize their hands, complete the Patron/customer screening developed by the province prior and share their “passed” results prior to road test or admittance to the centre.  


Road test applicants may be required to provide a contact phone number should contact tracing be required. Applicants are required to keep vehicle windows open to ensure proper airflow.


All DriveTest staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when serving customers and driver examiners will also be equipped with face shields, sanitizer packages and seat covers when conducting road tests.


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