A Framework to Reopen Our Province - Stage 1

Published on May 14, 2020

The government is moving forward with the first stage of reopening the province, with key public health measures in place.  Details of stage one of A Framework to Reopen Our Province were announced today.  Stage one will begin on May 19th, provided that public health metrics continue to trend in a positive direction.

In addition, additional seasonal services and activities will be permitted to open on the Victoria Day long weekend, as key public health indicators continue to show progress.

The first stage of reopening will focus on workplaces that are well-positioned to adopt workplace safety measures and get more people back to work, while not overburdening public transit and other services.

Ontario's careful and gradual approach to reopening will allow business owners and service provider’s time to ensure workplaces are safe for staff, consumers and the general public. Ontario will proceed cautiously and in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health. With key public health measures in place and workplace safety guidance available, we will continue to make decisions with healthy and safety of people as the top priority.

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