Accelerated Long-Term Care Build Pilot Project - Mississauga

Published on July 22, 2020

July 21, 2020 - A new innovative Accelerated Build Pilot Program was announced that will enable the construction of two new long-term care homes in Mississauga in a matter of months, not years. By working with Trillium Health Partners and Infrastructure Ontario, the province intends to add up to 640 new long-term care beds by 2021.

The government is committed to transforming long-term care access as part of our commitment to ending hallway health care. The shortage of long-term care beds puts an added strain on the health care system, as many applicants are waiting in hospitals for a bed.

Two new homes will be developed through the Accelerated Build Pilot Program at Trillium Health Partners’ Speakman Drive site in Mississauga. Once occupied, up to 640 people will call these buildings home. The project aims to be completed in

There’s a critical need for additional long-term care capacity in large urban centres like Mississauga but these areas are difficult to build new projects due to land availability and land cost. Trillium Health Partners purchased this property for the creation of a new health centre that will include long-term care.

Trillium Health Partners will work with Infrastructure Ontario to manage the day-to-day construction oversight, monitor commissioning and provide timely status reporting on progress.

Working together with long-term care and health system partners, Ontario continues to use innovative ideas and modern solutions to help end hallway health care and increase long-term care capacity in communities across the province.

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