Adoption Awareness Month

Published on November 20, 2020

November marks Adoption Awareness Month across Canada. We want to thank all families who have opened their doors and homes to children through adoption in our province. We also want to highlight the need for more parents and families to consider adopting a child or youth in care who are waiting for a permanent home.

As you know, Ontario is redesigning the child welfare system to help more children find safe, loving, and permanent homes through adoption and other family-based placements such as customary care and kinship care. Although 4,000 children and youth in care were able to be adopted last year, only 800 were. We want to increase that number and help provide loving and stable homes for kids in Ontario.

In recognition of Adoption Awareness Month, we encourage you to visit to learn more about the adoption process here in Ontario.

All children and youth deserve a loving family and a permanent home where they can receive the supports they need to succeed and thrive.

There will be more information in the coming weeks about what the government is doing to support adoption in Ontario, so stay tuned!

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