Amendments to Emergency Orders to Support Restaurants and Bars

Published on July 07, 2020

As Ontario recovers from the economic impacts of COVID-19 we know that the success of our restaurant industry will be an important driver.

Businesses across the province have demonstrated that we can still enjoy our beautiful Ontario summer while protecting the health and safety of their patrons. That’s why we’re temporarily exempting some requirements in the Planning Act so that municipalities can quickly pass temporary by-laws allowing restaurants and bars to create or extend their patios.

Under current requirements, this process could take several weeks or more. This emergency order will cut red tape and reduce the time to a matter of days. This will help these businesses keep their patrons safe while they dine outdoors during patio season.

The government also amended an emergency order to clarify that outdoor dining areas can open if they have a roof, canopy, tent, awning or other covering. At least two full sides of the outdoor dining area must be open to the outdoors and must not be substantially blocked in any way and if the outdoor dining area has a retractable roof, the roof must be fully open and at least one full side must be open to the outdoors and must not be substantially blocked in any way.

Municipalities are still responsible for compliance activities and ensuring proper health and safety practices.

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