COVID-19 Vaccine Preparation

Published on November 30, 2020

We are calling on the federal government to immediately lay out its plan to allocate COVID-19 vaccines across the country as the province continues to prepare for the distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses, which will be the largest vaccine rollout in a generation.

With the concerning news that COVID-19 vaccines will come later to Canada than other countries, the federal government must put forward a comprehensive plan for a national immunization program to roll out the vaccine.

The sooner we get a vaccine, the sooner we can offer that added protection for our frontline staff and most vulnerable, take pressure off of our hospitals, and begin to return life back to normal.

Ontario and Canada should not be the last to receive the vaccine.

The logistics will have to be well planned for people to get the vaccines in a prompt, equitable fashion.

The lack of clear information from the federal government makes it almost impossible for the province to make critical decisions.

For these reasons, Ontario needs the federal government to share the volume and timing for when the province will receive its allocations.

The new Ministers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force being led by General (retired) Rick Hillier will support the Ontario government in the planning and execution of this historic logistical undertaking.

This is a critical stage in our fight against COVID-19 that will require us to work together, as a province and as a country, to face the challenges ahead of us to protect the health and wellbeing of each and every Ontarian.

As soon as these vaccines become available, we have to be ready and we will be.

Ontario is home to world-class pharmaceutical companies, and the Ontario government is actively exploring options to produce the vaccines in Ontario, but it may take time to find an Ontario-made solution.

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