Electricity Rates: Customer Choice

Published on November 03, 2020

The government continues to support Ontario’s electricity consumers, as we respond to COVID-19, by providing customer choice, stable rates, and financial support to the millions of Ontarians who are working and learning from home.

We are continuing to keep electricity bills low through the 33.2% Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) applicable under both plans.

As of November 1st, customers who pay time-of-use (TOU) electricity rates will have the flexibility to choose an electricity bill structure that best suits their lifestyle, choosing between TOU and tiered rates (flat rate).

The TOU pricing periods are: 

  • Off-peak, demand for electricity is lowest during evenings and weekend, TOU customers charged the lowest rate. Ontario households and small businesses use most of their electricity during off-peak hours.
  • Mid-peak, when demand for electricity is moderate. These periods are during the daytime, but not the busiest times of day.
  • On-peak, when demand is highest. These are the busiest times of day, when people are using large appliances and running heaters or air conditioners.

TOU pricing is ideal for people who use most of their electricity in the evenings and on weekends.

Tiered rate customers will pay the same flat rate for electricity used any time of day and move to a higher rate once a certain level of consumption is passed (1000 kWh in Winter, 600 kWh in Summer). This rate is well suited for people spending more time at home during the weekdays during transitional “on-peak” hours.

TOU rates are currently the default rate. This means that no action is required from customers who wish to continue to be billed TOU rates once the COVID-19 Recovery Rates conclude.  

Customers should contact their LDC for more information on how this request can be made.

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