Equity and Inclusion Plan - Driving generational change, by building a better, more inclusive and equitable education system supporting success for all students

Published on July 10, 2020

Every student – irrespective of the colour of their skin, faith, heritage, or orientation – deserves every opportunity to succeed in the classroom.  The transformational change we are driving forward will embolden a generation of students to unleash their full potential, absent the systemic barriers that hold them back.

Following a year of consultation and community engagement, our government is taking immediate, concrete action for students, families, and communities including in the areas of suspensions and anti-discrimination policy, de-streaming, and professional development.

The government will also be taking swift action to ensure that there are increased opportunities for boards to hire educators that reflect their classrooms, and ensure that there is a consistently high standard of merit and diversity in those who are teaching Ontario’s students.

Additionally, to ensure that students can feel accepted in a discrimination-free classroom, the government will be strengthening sanctions for behaviour and remarks of a racist nature by an educator.

The government will also be expanding training for education staff, trustees, and senior school board staff and have proposed to dedicate a full day of professional development to human rights, anti-racism and anti-discrimination training before the beginning of the instructional school year.

Through the Grants for Student Needs (GSN), we are providing $40.9 million to help school boards implement suspension policies, including for the hiring of professional staff and implementing programs to help educators avoid out-of-school suspensions.  There will be $1M of the $10M dedicated to additional mental health investments to support racialized students.

The government has committed to providing over $3.5 million to support the Black and Indigenous grad coach programs, which provide wrap-around supports for students who are at risk of not graduating. 

Through these measures and investments, we will build a better, more inclusive and equitable education system that supports success for all students.

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