Expanding Parks and Conservation Reserves

Published on September 16, 2020

Ontario is beginning the process to designate Ostrander Crown Land Block and Point Petre Provincial Wildlife Area, two ecologically significant areas along the southern shore of Prince Edward County, as a conservation reserve.


Over the coming months, the province will complete an assessment and evaluation of the site, in collaboration with Indigenous communities and environmental organizations, such as the South Shore Joint Initiative, the Schad Foundation and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.


If designated a conservation reserve, this land would provide opportunities for the community to enjoy the area’s natural beauty, including hiking, fishing and birdwatching, while strengthening the long-term protection and health of local wildlife.


It would also mean these two sites, if designated, would become the first new conservation reserves identified since the 1999 Ontario’s Living Legacy Land Use Strategy.


As part of the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, the government is committed to working with all partners and conservation leaders to preserve areas of significant ecological importance, protect natural areas and promote the importance of healthy, natural spaces for future generations to use and enjoy.


As we explore this proposal, we will also be looking to see if similar types of partnerships could be explored to protect other important natural areas across the province.


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