Foundational Family Services Announcement

Published on August 19, 2020

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services has introduced the first phase of foundational family services on August 7, 2020. These services align with the recommendations of the Autism Advisory Panel Report.


This is the first service pathway in the ongoing implementation of the new needs-based and family-centred Ontario Autism Program. The goal of foundational family services is to build a family’s capacity to support their child’s learning and development.


The services will be offered in a variety of formats and offer family and peer mentoring, caregiver workshops and coaching sessions tailored to different family, cultural and regional needs. The ministry is also moving forward with the work necessary to fully implement the new needs-based autism program. We are determined to get this right and will continue to support children and youth during the transition. The end result of our work will be a program that will see more children receiving support than ever before in Ontario.


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