French-language Teacher Recruitment

Published on September 29, 2020

The government is committed to protecting and promoting French-language and bilingual education in Ontario now and into the future. Rising enrollment and increased popularity of French-language and FSL programs, coupled with a long standing national shortage of educators, underscores the need for action, which is why Ontario is ensuring schools have access to more qualified French language educators.


We are helping to create more professional learning opportunities for teachers, and supporting various initiatives that focus on the retention and recruitment of French-language teachers in both the French- and English-language education systems. Ontario continues to partner with various education stakeholders, including its provincial French Language Working Group, to address the recruitment and retention of teachers in the French-language school system.


In addition, Ontario is relaunching the FSL Provincial Working Group, whose membership will represent a variety of perspectives, including those of senior school board administrators, teachers, parents, FSL associations and researchers. Both working groups will focus on professional development for French teachers and raising awareness of employment opportunities.


Projects to promote careers as French teachers also include a partnership with Laurentian University to create a new hybrid French-language teacher education program and a new guide for English-language school boards.


By supporting the recruitment of more qualified French-language teachers, this government is ensuring that Ontario students and their parents have greater access to learning opportunities in French, as a first language or as a second language.


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