Grants for Student Needs and Priorities and Partnerships Fund

Published on June 22, 2020

The government is investing more in education than any government in Ontario’s history – with targeted funding that prioritizes STEM, financial literacy, mental health, and supports for racialized and vulnerable students.

The focus is on what matters: student success and well-being in the classroom and beyond.  The Province is providing $12,525 in per-pupil funding - an increase of $250 per student over 2019-20.

Overall, the government is providing over $25.5B to school boards through the Grants for Student Needs – an increase of $736M over last year – and over $300M through the Priorities and Partnerships Fund.

These investments will:

  1. Prepare students for success by equipping them with skills and resources they need in STEM, including a new $15M investment in technology to support the continuity of learning during COVID-19.
  2. Make financial literacy a key part of our revised math curriculum and a major component of the new grade 10 careers course.
  3. Increase mental health funding to over $50M, and increase special education funding to the highest in Ontario’s history – close to $3.2B.

The government is also investing over $212M through the new Supports for Students Fund to further support special education, mental health and well-being, language instruction, Indigenous education and STEM programming.

Boards are required to submit their balanced budgets to the Ministry by August 19, 2020. Given the current situation, we are giving Boards flexibility by providing more time to plan and prepare for the upcoming school year.

To reiterate, the government's focus is on the safety and success of our students in the classroom and beyond – and our targeted investments reflect these priorities.

In 2020-21, the Province is projected to invest over $300M to fund approximately 150 initiatives to support students.

This includes over $56M for math supports, over $59M to support students in transitioning to post-secondary education and the workplace, and over $55M for special education and mental health supports.

The Province is confident that with these targeted investments, and partnerships with innovative Ontario-based organizations, we can confront the challenges of COVID-19 and ensure students are safe and supported when in-person classes resume in the fall.

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