Historic Agreements Delivers $4 Billion to Support Municipalities and Transit

Published on July 27, 2020

Through the Safe Restart negotiations, the Province has been tirelessly advocating for municipal partners at the table. What started as a $14 billion proposal was negotiated into a $19 billion agreement to support frontline health care, families, and communities as we restart our economy.

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked with our municipal partners to provide them with the necessary tools and supports they need, including $350 million in social services supports. Working with the federal government, Ontario has come to the table as full funding partners to support our municipal partners through this agreement.

As part of the Safe Restart Agreement, Ontario has secured $4 billion in urgently needed one-time assistance to provide Ontario’s 444 municipalities with the support they need to respond to COVID-19 for the next 6-8 months and deliver the critical services people rely on every day.

The government was able to secure billions in transit funding for the country. In collaboration with our federal partners, we are delivering up to $2 billion to help Ontario municipalities keep their transit systems running and relieve financial pressures created by COVID-19. This funding will play a critical role in getting people back to work as we reopen the province.

This agreement is a great deal for Ontario and a great deal for Canada. Through this historic agreement, municipalities will have the support and flexibility they need to address budget shortfalls related to COVID-19, stop the spread of the virus, and chart a path to a strong recovery for their communities.   

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