Improving the Blue Box Program in Ontario

Published on June 09, 2021

Producers and municipalities have been advocating for an enhanced, producer-led blue box program for over a decade and we're proud that the government has finalized these improvements.


Our goal is to ensure our program in Ontario remains convenient, affordable and right for communities.


That’s why we are creating a stronger and more effective blue box service that will have some of the highest waste diversion targets in North America to promote greater innovations in recycling technologies and increased use of recycled materials.


Making producers responsible for the delivery of Ontario's Blue Box Program will ensure that our recycling program can divert more waste from landfills. These changes will make recycling more convenient and accessible for Ontarians. Once producers are fully responsible for the program, all Ontarians will experience improved access to blue box services across the province.


The new producer responsibility model will also provide people more opportunities to recycle by expanding recycling services to additional locations, such as multi-unit residential buildings, schools, retirement homes, long-term care homes and some public spaces, like parks, playgrounds and transit stations, more than tripling the number of public space recycling bins funded under the current program.


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