Increasing Care for Long Term Care Residents

Published on November 03, 2020

Minister Phillips will release the 2020 Ontario Budget - the next phase of Ontario’s Action Plan.

It is a plan that will have three pillars. The first is protect, making good on Premier’s Ford’s commitment to do whatever it takes to get Ontario through the pandemic.

We’re acting on our commitment to protect loved ones in long-term care by increasing the average daily direct care to four hours a day per resident, making Ontario the leader among Canadian provinces, is central to this pillar. This will help ensure the needs of seniors are being met, while keeping them safer and providing them with a higher quality of life.

We can all agree that the loss of lives in long-term care homes here in Ontario and around the world is the greatest tragedy of COVID-19. Which is why we are not waiting to act.

The plan we outline on Thursday will build on our initial response to COVID-19, including the $7.7 billion health response. That money was spent to ramp up testing, build more hospital beds, protect loved ones in long-term care, and purchase critical PPE. This will ensure that the necessary health resources are in place to protect people across the Province. The Budget will also maintain the flexibility that is essential to respond to emerging health needs.

Our message to the people of Ontario is simple: as COVID-19 continues to threaten our health, we will continue to be there to protect you.

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