Investing Nearly $1 Billion to Expand and Improve Broadband and Cellular Access

Published on November 04, 2020

The government has announced that a historic nearly $1 billion investment will be made in improving broadband and cellular access across Ontario, providing many more people with better ways to connect, to work, to learn, and to stay in touch during these unprecedented times.

We are building on our initial $315 million-dollar commitment in shovel-ready broadband projects by investing an additional $680 million in the upcoming 2020 Ontario budget.

This investment will help build up communities across Ontario with more economic development and provide more opportunities for young people and for businesses to grow.

For Ontario to recover, we need strong, sustained economic growth. This investment takes action to remove long-standing, structural barriers to Ontario’s economic growth.

Based on Minister Phillips’ release of the 2020 Ontario Budget - the next phase of Ontario’s Action Plan, it will be a plan that will have three pillars. Minister Phillips has already announced two pillars of that plan – protect and support.

The third pillar is recover because even as COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty in the global economy, we are committed to position Ontario for a strong recovery, even while focused on the needs of today.

Our vision to connect every home, business and farm in Ontario to broadband is an important part of the Recover pillar.

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