Launch of an Independent Commission into COVID-19 and Long-Term Care

Published on July 29, 2020

The government is committed to protecting the health and safety of all those living in long-term care. That’s why early in the pandemic the government created an iron ring around the most vulnerable, still more needs to be done.

The province is committed to learning what went wrong and ensuring those mistakes aren’t repeated.  In order to get to the bottom of what has gone wrong with respect to COVID-19 in long-term care, the government has launched an independent commission. The people of Ontario deserve a timely, transparent and non-partisan investigation.

Commissioners will investigate how COVID-19 spread within long-term care homes, how residents, staff, families were impacted, and the adequacy of measures taken by the province and other parties to prevent, isolate and contain the spread.  Above all, the commission will provide the government with guidance on how to better protect long-term care home residents and staff from any future outbreaks. 

Three Commissioners have been appointed for the expertise and experience they bring to addressing the commission’s mandate:

  • Associate Chief Justice Frank N. Marrocco (Chair) – Accomplished counsel and legal author, who has served the legal profession in a number of roles including leader of the Law Society, Justice Marrocco was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in 2005.
  • Angela Coke – A former senior executive with the Ontario Public Service, and recipient of the Public Sector Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association and Excellence Canada.
  • Jack Kitts – Recipient of the Order of Canada and known nationally for his focus and expertise in patient experience, performance measurement and physician engagement, Dr. Kitts recently retired after 18 years as President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital.

The Commissioners have the power to conduct hearings, deputations and summons any person to give evidence and produce documents as they conduct their investigation.

The independent commission will help identify ways to prevent the future spread of disease in Ontario’s long-term care homes. 

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