Made-in-Ontario N95 respirators

Published on June 14, 2021

Made-in-Ontario N95 respirators are rolling off the production line at 3M’s Brockville plant. About 700,000 N95 respirators were shipped from the plant in the first week alone, with the first waves of vital PPE suppling our health care, education and other public-sector institutions.  


These new respirators will provide frontline workers with the protection they need in the continued fight against COVID-19, and ensures Ontario and Canada has a reliable supply in the event of any future outbreaks.  


The first shipment came just eight months after the governments of Canada and Ontario reached a five-year agreement with 3M last August for the provision of 50 million N95 respirators annually to meet demand for frontline healthcare workers in Ontario and across Canada. Through this partnership, 3M expanded its Brockville manufacturing facility to produce made-in-Ontario N95 respirators. Each level of government invested $23.33 million to support 3M’s capital investment of $70 million.  


This partnership with 3M is an important step toward meeting current and future needs and ensuring a readily available stockpile of N95 masks. This investment is essential to creating new manufacturing capabilities and jobs, and a strengthened domestic supply chain for vital PPE as Ontario continues on its path to renewal and economic recovery. 


Ontario is the workshop of Canada. Throughout the pandemic, we have unleashed our world-class manufacturing might to meet the demand for PPE to protect healthcare professionals and frontline workers. 


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