Modernized Grade 9 Math Course

Published on June 09, 2021

For over a decade under the previous Liberal government, too many students have not been meeting Ontario’s math standards – lacking everyday math, financial literacy, and numeracy skills.


Ontario’s elementary and grade nine math curricula were last updated in 2005 when Youtube was just starting up and Twitter and the iPhone didn’t exist yet. The economy and job market has changed since then and we believe your child’s curriculum should remain relevant and aligned with the life and job skills that will set them up for success.


Under the government’s plan’s four year, $200M math strategy, students in Grades 1-9 will now learn foundational math skills that will prepare them for jobs of the future, with a real emphasis on every-day math problem solving and application.


We are placing a real emphasis on practical life skills – including the concept of interest, debt, savings, personal budgeting and price comparisons.


Moreover, it will help students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow by introducing them to coding skills to understand complex mathematics and to make predictions.


The streamed system of learning has been setting back too many students, notably Black, Indigenous, racialized, low-income families and special education students, as seen by their disproportionately high levels of enrolment in applied level classes and the fact that they are 4.5 times less likely to graduate.


Under Premier Ford’s leadership, Ontario is being positioned as a global leader in STEM education. All students will now be better positioned to succeed by learning critical skills that will give them a competitive advantage and help them through their education and get good-paying jobs. 


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