New Online Pollution Reporting Tool in Newmarket-Aurora

Published on May 20, 2021

If you see something - say something! This new digital solution will mean photos and videos can be uploaded immediately so Ministry of the Environment compliance and enforcement staff can respond quickly and effectively to keep our communities of Newmarket-Aurora safe. Types of incidents that can be reported include:

  • pollution on land, in the water or in the air
  • industrial or commercial noise pollution
  • waste being dumped into the natural environment
  • improper disposal of commercial waste


This government takes environmental violations very seriously and has zero tolerance for illegal polluters — and we know the people of Ontario are eager to do their part to protect our environment.


That’s why Ontario made a commitment in the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to develop digital solutions that will improve public reporting of pollution and ministry response times.


We are making it easier for Ontarians to report incidents of pollution where and when they see it with a new user-friendly online submission tool they can use on their smartphones so that ministry staff can respond quickly to keep our communities safe.


This government is holding polluters accountable and all Ontarians can play a stronger role in protecting our environment now and for future generations.


Reporting through telephone (1-800-MOE-TIPS) or by email will continue to be an option for all Ontarians. For more information, visit the Report pollution and spills webpage.


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