Ontario Adding New Resources To Protect Workers

Published on September 28, 2021

As we fight the fourth wave of COVID-19, we need all hands on deck and our government is committed to ensuring that workers and businesses have what they need to stay safe.


Today, more than 100 new health and safety inspectors are graduating and will be visiting workplaces in construction, industrial and health care settings.


These new boots on the ground will make this inspectorate the largest ever in Ontario’s history and will help ensure businesses are aware of and follow health and safety measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent other workplace injuries and illnesses.


The government’s inspectors will be patient, lead with education, and be reasonable to business owners and frontline workers implementing the vaccine certificate.


We are also launching a free online portal where employers can quickly and easily identify and assess risks in their workplace and create a safety plan to help keep their workers safe.


This online platform will assist employers in creating a customized plan for their unique working environment, and adapt it as circumstances change.


Ontario safety plan builder is here to help our local merchants and shopkeepers create and adjust their plans with the click of a button, having confidence they’re following the latest health and safety measures for their employees and customers.


Congratulations to the 100 new health and safety inspectors graduating this month! Learn more about how their training is supporting healthy workplaces. https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1000874/ontario-adding-new-resources-to-protect-workers