Ontario Agency Review

Published on August 20, 2020

To continue to support the government’s broader response to COVID-19, and in continuation of our work supporting an effective agency sector, the government is embarking upon an enhanced agency evaluation to ensure all agencies are customer-focused, digital and data-driven, and efficient. The objective of the Enhanced Agency Evaluation is to improve processes in the wake of COVID-19 to offer more customer-focused, digital- and data-driven services for Ontarians. Ontario is evaluating all 173 provincial agencies, excluding Ontario Health, Public Health Ontario and LHINs due to their current role in responding to COVID-19, and will share the results in Fall 2020.


Agencies play a vital role in government service delivery. Now, more than ever, Ontarians need government services that are responsive to the dynamic needs of the people who rely on them every day. The Enhanced Agency Evaluation is part of a broader effort to streamline government operations and decisions to build a smarter government that works for you. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario has swiftly and safely expedited the transformation of program and service delivery through digital-first means.


Through the Enhanced Agency Evaluation, the government will build on this progress to enact lasting and structural change in its commitment to building a customer-focused and intuitive approach to program and services. The Enhanced Agency Evaluation builds on the recommendations of the 2019 Agency Review Task Force that addressed systemic inefficiencies and directed taxpayer money to achieve better outcomes.


Many of the Agency Review Task Force Recommendations have already begun to have a positive impact on large sectors of Ontario’s economy, from supporting citizens’ access to new digital services to improve services delivery. The Enhanced Agency Evaluation launched today will be led by Minister Bethlenfalvy, and will be completed in Fall 2020, at which time the government will report on results and potential next steps.


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