Ontario Community Environment Fund

Published on May 07, 2021

As part of this government's Made-in-Ontario Plan commitment to protect our air, land and water, Ontario is holding polluters accountable by strengthening the enforcement tools we use to ensure compliance with environmental laws, while taking steps to help communities recover from the impacts of pollution.


We are expanding administrative monetary penalties to cover approximately 150,000 regulated entities, including individuals, small businesses and large corporations as well as public entities like municipalities and crown corporations.


This change means that more funds could be collected through penalties, which will be made available to support environmental improvement projects through the enhanced Ontario Community Environment Fund (OCEF).


By redirecting penalty funds to local projects in communities effected by environmental violations, we are acutely focused on the protection and preservation of our land, air and water.


This year, the province is making almost $900,000 available for local projects that aim to restore the environment in regions impacted by pollution. Eligible organizations that are interested in applying can do so until June 23, 2021.


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