Ontario Continues to Add Hospital Beds and Build Up Health Workforce

Published on January 11, 2022

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario’s hospitals and health care providers have worked tirelessly to protect the health and safety of patients.

The government is continuing to accelerate its efforts to make critical investments in our hospital capacity and health care workforce to ensure patients can continue to access the health care they need when the need it.

In collaboration with Ontario Health and the College of Nurses of Ontario, we are deploying internationally educated nurses to hospitals and other health care settings in need of staffing support. More than 1,200 internationally educated nurses have expressed interest in participating, with onboarding new staff in the weeks ahead.

The province has continued to make critical investments in our hospital and health workforce to ensure no resource goes untapped.

Since March 2020, the government has launched emergency programs that have already added over 6,700 health care professionals to the system. These programs will also provide hospitals with the capacity to add another 6,000 additional providers to high-need hospitals to support staffing pressures due to COVID-19 by March 31, 2022, including the deployment of nursing students and other health care providers-in-training.

Ontario has also built unprecedented hospital capacity since the start of the pandemic, including investing $5.1 billion to add 3,100 beds across the province for a total of approximately 17,000 medical surgical beds. Through additional investments, the province now has a total of nearly 2,500 adult and pediatric ICU beds. Approximately 600 ICU beds remain available today, with the ability to add nearly 500 additional beds if required.

The government committed to spare no expense in the fight against the pandemic to protect people’s health and the economy, which is why investing in the front lines of our health care system was one of the key pillars of the government's plan to Build Ontario.

The best defense against Omicron – and to stay out of the hospital from COVID-19 – is to get vaccinated. We encourage all eligible Ontarians to book your first, second or booster dose as soon as you can.

Learn More: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001411/ontario-continues-to-add-hospital-beds-and-build-up-health-workforce