Ontario Further Expands COVID-19 Vaccination Booking for More People

Published on May 12, 2021

Starting May 10 at 8:00 a.m., Group Two workers in Newmarket-Aurora who cannot work from home are now eligible to book a COVID19 vaccine appointment through the York Region website. Despite an unstable vaccine supply to date, the province has built a strong foundation for its vaccine rollout, with over six million doses administered. Now with a stable and reliable supply of vaccines, the government is increasing access to the COVID-19 vaccine in the hardest hit communities and priority populations.


Continuing to focus on getting vaccines in the arms of those most at risk will help to stop the spread of COVID-19 in these communities, protect our hospital capacity and save lives.

Every vaccine administered is a step toward reducing COVID-19 transmission, so please sign up to book your vaccine as soon as you are eligible.



Beginning Monday, May 10, 2021, at 8:00 a.m., the following groups in York Region will be eligible to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through the York Region website:


  • People who cannot work from home who fall under Group Two, including:
    • Essential and critical retail workers (including grocery, foodbank, pharmacy, ServiceOntario, ServiceCanada, Passport Canada, wholesalers and general goods, restaurant, LCBO workers)
    • Workers in manufacturing industries directly involved in supporting the COVID-19covid 19 response, construction (including infrastructure) and other essential businesses and services where facilities are at heightened risk for COVID-19covid 19 outbreaks and spread
    • Social workers and social services staff who provide in-person client services (including youth justice workers, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program case workers)
    • Courts and justice system workers (including probation and parole workers)
    • Transportation, warehousing and distribution workers (including public transit workers, truck drivers supporting essential services, marine and rail cargo and maintenance, highway maintenance)
    • Electricity (including system operations, generation, transmission, distribution and storage workers)
    • Communications infrastructure workers (including cellular, satellite, landline, internet, public safety radio)
    • Water and wastewater management workers
    • Financial services workers (bank branch staff)
    • Veterinarians and veterinary teams
    • Waste management workers
    • Oil and petroleum workers (including petroleum refineries, crude oil and petroleum storage, transmission and distribution, retail sale of fuel)
    • Natural gas and propane gas workers (including compression, storage, transmission and distribution of natural gas and propane)
    • Mine workers (including those needed to ensure the continued operation of active mines)
    • Uranium processing workers (those working in the refining and conversion of uranium and fabrication of fuel for nuclear power plants)


  • Individuals turning 40 and over in 2021 will be eligible to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a mass immunization clinic


  • All individuals with at-risk health conditions and one essential caregiver, including:
    • Immune deficiencies and autoimmune disorders
    • Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
    • Dementia
    • Diabetes
    • Liver disease
    • All other cancers
    • Respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy
    • Spleen problems, such as asplenia
    • Heart disease
    • Hypertension with end organ damage
    • Diagnosed mental disorder
    • Substance use disorders
    • Sickle cell disease
    • Thalassemia
    • Immunocompromising health conditions
    • Other disabilities requiring direct support care in the community

The list of at-risk health conditions is not exhaustive – health care practitioners will use their best medical judgement to vaccinate patients with health conditions not listed (such as rare diseases) that may put them at similar or greater risk to the listed conditions.

Vaccines remain our best defense against COVID-19 and variants. With more supply expected to arrive, I continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated once it’s their turn. Until Ontario receives enough vaccines so the majority of Ontarians can be vaccinated, it remains critical for everyone to continue following public health measures.

You can read more about Ontario Vaccination plan here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/ontarios-covid-19-vaccination-plan or visit: https://www.christineelliottmpp.ca/ for the latest updates.


Book a Vaccine Appointment Today! Newmarket-Aurora residents 40 years of age and older or in select priority groups can schedule an appointment here with York Region: York Public Health COVID-19 Vaccination Site