Ontario Helping Youth Explore Careers in the Skilled Trades

Published on June 15, 2021

Employment data from May 2021 shows that 219,500 youth (ages 15-24) in Ontario are unemployed. Between February 2020 and May 2021, 182,600 youth lost their jobs.


Data suggests that the need to replace retiring workers is greater for skilled trades workers than for other occupations. In 2016, nearly one in three journeypersons were aged 55 years or older.


That is why the government is investing almost $4 million through Support Ontario Youth to help up to 2,100 young people access training and networking opportunities to form valuable connections in skilled trades that open doors to apprenticeships and meaningful careers.


This program will support youth from  across Ontario, in gaining experience working with tools, writing resumes and interviewing.


With over 500 employers and industry associations and 300 education and training providers participating in the program, this funding is one of the many ways our government is inspiring and preparing the next generation of skilled trades people, while also helping employers find the talent they need.


This initiative aligns with the province’s Skilled Trades Strategy, which supports economic development by breaking the stigma of the skilled trades, simplifying the apprenticeship system and encouraging businesses to hire more apprentices.


Students and adults interested in attending a boot camp can apply at https://www.supportontarioyouth.ca/