Ontario Keeping Seniors in Long-Term Care Homes Cool this Summer

Published on May 31, 2021

We have always said that this government would spare no expense in order to protect our most vulnerable. The government has invested $85 million dollars through the Infection Prevention and Control Minor Capital Program and the Long-Term Care Minor Capital Program to ensure vulnerable residents, staff and families will be cool, comfortable and safe this summer.


This investment, along with the regulation changes we’ve made requiring cooling areas in LTC homes and enhancing cooling requirements, will improve living conditions in long-term care homes and ensure that their residents and staff finally enjoy the level of care and comfort they deserve by supporting homes in purchasing, installing, upgrading, or repairing air conditioning in common areas and resident rooms.


Ontario’s 626 long-term care homes are now providing air conditioning in designated cooling areas and at least 83 per cent of homes will have full air conditioning by this summer. In comparison, last year nearly 13 per cent or 79 long-term care homes had no air conditioning at all.  


This announcement is another example of how Ontario's government is delivering on the promise to spare no expense and correct the decades of neglect in Long-Term Care that were allowed under previous governments.


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