Ontario's new, modernized elementary math curriculum

Published on June 30, 2020

For over a decade under the previous Liberal government, too many students have not been meeting Ontario’s math standards – lacking everyday math, financial literacy, and numeracy skills. 

Fewer than half of Grade 6 students — 48 per cent — met the provincial math standard during the last school year, which is down from 61 per cent in 2009, and for Grade 3 students, only 58 per cent met the standard.

The government made a promise to parents that we would update the math curriculum so students can improve their grades and develop the skills they need for the future.  The focus is to get back to basics with our four-year math strategy, including introducing our brand new elementary math curriculum, to make sure our students succeed.

The new curriculum will help students solve everyday math problems, enshrine financial literacy in the early grades, and better prepare students for today’s competitive marketplace and the jobs of tomorrow by ensuring every student learns how to code.

In addition to a new curriculum, we are also changing how it makes curricula available to better reflect how Ontarians consume information. The new math curriculum will be the first uploaded to the new Curriculum and Resources website, a digital space for parents, educators, and students to access curriculum and learning resources.

The Province will continue to champion numeracy, financial literacy, and everyday problem solving, to equip the next generation of Ontarians with the skills they will need to succeed.

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