Ontario Supporting Farmers - Risk Management Program provides $50 million expansion a year earlier than originally promised

Published on July 21, 2020

Ontario is committed to working with our farmers and providing the best support possible for our producers to help them manage challenges beyond their control.  The government has been pushing the federal government to work collaboratively to provide the urgent support Ontario farmers need. Farmers can’t wait.

Increasing funding for the Risk Management Program by $50 million will help farmers enrolled in the program deal with the severe and unexpected market challenges like issues faced from COVID-19.

The government stands by our farmers and that is why the government is adhering to a promise - and this promise is coming to fruition one year early in recognition of the importance of the agriculture sector and food security.

The Province's expansion of funding for the RMP follows many other actions to support the agri-food sector and to do everything necessary to keep the province's food supply system working at full-strength during this time of the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, the province is calling on the federal government to match the province's commitment by urgently providing additional support through the risk management program or a federal only top up of the AgriStability program.

The government is continuing to work with agriculture organizations to transition our Risk Management Program to an insurance program to help ensure the greatest support goes to the areas of greatest need and to ensure that in bad years, producers will get better protection.

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