Ontario Supports Innovation in Virtual Learning

Published on May 20, 2021

This government is transforming virtual learning by supporting nearly 400 innovative projects at colleges, universities and Indigenous Institutes. These projects are part of the province’s Virtual Learning Strategy and will provide students with more flexibility and access to high-quality postsecondary education and retraining opportunities.


By investing in “digital-by-design” resources and supports, including online education resources, funding to help institutions hire staff who specialize in digital design, and more, the government can support postsecondary institutions in providing a better virtual learning experience for students


Ensuring that Ontario’s postsecondary institutions offer responsive and flexible digital courses and programs will help students learn and build the skills they need to be competitive in today’s economy.


Through high-quality virtual learning courses and programs, we can give students more flexibility and access to the world-class learning of our postsecondary sector.


The province is investing more than $70 million to implement Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy, including $21.4 million announced in the 2021 Ontario Budget, Ontario’s Action Plan: Protecting People’s Health and Our Economy.  


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