Ontario Supports the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors during COVID-19

Published on March 30, 2021

  • Ontario’s tourism sector, like so many of the province’s heritage, sport and culture industries, was among the first and hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and will take the longest to recover.


  • Tourism plays a critical role in the Ontario economy. Prior to the pandemic, tourism generated more than $36 billion in economic activity and supported approximately 400,000 jobs in Ontario.


  • As a direct result of the pandemic, the tourism sector has lost more than $18 billion in revenue alone and more than 200,000 jobs.


  • That’s why our government is providing $200 million through the new Ontario Tourism Recovery Program and Tourism & Hospitality Small Business Support Grant to help stabilize the tourism industry as it recovers from the impacts of COVID-19, while protecting jobs in communities across the province that rely on tourism investment.


Ontario Tourism Recovery Program


  • The Ontario Tourism Recovery Program is a new $100-million program aimed to help stabilize the tourism industry as it recovers from the impacts of COVID-19 in the short, medium and long term.


  • The program will protect critical jobs in tourism-reliant communities and sustain tourism businesses, which have had to fully or partially shut down due to mandated COVID-19 restrictions.


  • The program will launch later this year and support tourism businesses across the province as they adjust to operations to reopen safely and focus on the domestic market during the ongoing crisis.


  • Ultimately, this funding will lead to essential sector transformation that will ensure Ontario tourism continues to be a key element of the province’s economy and regional employment, while remaining globally competitive for tourists and investment.


  • Over the long term, the Ontario Tourism Recovery Program will support businesses as they innovate, adapt and create new tourism offerings and experiences to attract visitors from around the world when it is safe to do so.


Ontario Tourism and Hospitality Small Business Support Grant


  • Our government’s new Tourism and Hospitality Small Business Support Grant will provide an estimated $100 million in one-time payments of $10,000 to $20,000 to eligible small businesses including hotels, motels, travel agencies, amusement and water parks, hunting and fishing camps, and recreational and vacation camps including children’s overnight summer camps.


  • Businesses must demonstrate they have experienced a minimum 20 per cent revenue decline and have less than 100 employees to qualify.


  • Any small businesses that received the Ontario Small Business Support Grant will not be eligible for this new grant.


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