Ontario Together Fund: Eclipse Innovations Inc.

Published on July 17, 2020

The Ontario government continues to work together with local businesses to provide innovative solutions and help the province reopen the economy safely.

On April 1, the government launched the $50 million Ontario Together Fund to support the development of proposals submitted by businesses and individual through the Ontario Together web portal and help businesses retool their operations.

Through the Ontario Together Fund, our government is investing $1,408,475 to Cambridge Ontario-based Eclipse Innovations Inc. to expand domestic production of N95 respirators.

With Ontario’s support, the company will create the capacity to manufacture made-in-Ontario N95 respirators and help ramp up its production and make one million N95 respirators per week, which will help service domestic market demand to ensure a safe reopening of the economy and combat COVID-19 safely and effectively.

By enhancing Ontario’s domestic ability to manufacture PPE, the government is ensuring that the province is well-prepared for any future challenges. Across Ontario, the business community is demonstrating the true meaning of the “Ontario Spirit” by providing equipment and supplies that will protect people, frontline workers and communities as we carefully and methodically reopen Ontario’s economy.

The province’s decision to pursue a made-in-Ontario approach for critical medical supplies, such as surgical masks, is rooted in our priority to ensure the health and safety for Ontarians and Canadians during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

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