Proof of Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate with QR Code and Verify Ontario App Available for Download

Published on October 18, 2021

Download Your Enhanced Vaccine Certificate here:


The government is making it simpler, faster and more convenient for Ontarians to show their proof of vaccination, allowing them to safely access businesses and other settings across the province. As Ontario continues to combat the Delta-driven fourth wave, proof of vaccination will help to keep businesses open, increase vaccination rates, and protect individuals in higher-risk indoor settings.

As of October 22, the Ontario government is making the enhanced vaccine certificate with official QR code and the free, made-in Ontario verification app, Verify Ontario, available for download.

Enhanced vaccine certificates with official QR codes will be made available for download from the COVID-19 vaccination portal. As of October 18 at 6:00 a.m., the portal will open for any individual to download their enhanced vaccine certificate.

Businesses and organizations can now download the free Verify Ontario app from the Apple App and Google Play stores, which has been made available in advance of October 22 to ensure businesses and organizations download the app and have sufficient time to become familiar with it.

The Verify Ontario app will support Ontario businesses, protect our hard-fought progress by making it quicker and easier to confirm if a person is fully vaccinated, while protecting their privacy.

While the current vaccine receipt without a QR code remains valid and will continue to be accepted, the province is encouraging individuals to download their enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code as an easier, more secure and convenient way to have their proof of vaccination verified.

Getting vaccinated is the single most important thing Ontarians can do to protect themselves and their communities. If you haven’t yet received your vaccine, please do so today.


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Download Your Enhanced Vaccine Certificate here:


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