Protecting Ontario Elections Act

Published on February 26, 2021

The government is proposing necessary steps to make it easier and safer to participate in provincial elections.

We strongly believe Ontario voters should determine the outcome of elections, not big corporations or unions, American-style political action groups or other outside influences.

We’ve introduced the Protecting Ontario Elections Act, that if passed, will protect Ontarians’ voice in campaigns, modernize Ontario’s electoral process and ensure it is updated to meet urgent challenges, such as COVID-19.

To protect Ontario elections, 19 legislative amendments have been proposed, including changes to:

  • Make it more convenient and safer for people to vote in a COVID-19 environment by increasing advance polling days from five to 10, changes first proposed by Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer.
  • Double the amount individuals can donate to a candidate, constituency association, leadership contestant or party from $1,650 to $3,300 per year, protecting the essential voice of Ontarians in campaigns;
  • Extend third-party advertising spending limits from six to 12 months before an election period and introduce a definition of collusion to help protect Ontario’s elections from outside influence and interference; and
  • Clarify the rules that allow MPPs to maintain individual social media accounts before, during, and after a writ period as well as pave the way for the legislature to set other social media rules.

The proposed reforms build on the Ontario legislature’s decision to ban corporate and union donations to political parties and helps ensure individuals remain at the centre of the electoral process.

These are responsible changes that would protect the essential voice of each and every individual who votes in Ontario’s elections.

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