Summer Learning Supports

Published on July 07, 2021

The government is focused on supporting students who may face learning gaps as a consequence of this pandemic.


We are expanding summer learning to over $60 million, the largest the program has been in Ontario history, to prepare students with the knowledge and skills for success in the next grade, course, or postsecondary destination.


This investment in summer learning expansion will reduce learning gaps by offering learning opportunities in English and French, and can include:

  • Co-op courses,
  • Credit recovery,
  • Summer school credit courses
  • Full grade recovery,
  • Reach ahead credits,
  • Outdoor & STEM Education,
  • Literacy and Numeracy support programs,
  • Indigenous and international language programs,
  • Supports for Black youth,
  • Supports for Indigenous youth,
  • Mental health supports,


This is part of Ontario's plan to get students safely back to in-person learning where they belong.


Ontario is also expanding access to summer learning for 2021 for First Nations students. This includes changes to the Grants for Student Needs (GSN) that mean fees shall not be charged for summer learning opportunities for some First Nations students


Summer learning will be virtual in July & with the support of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we are permitting school boards to offer in-person summer school in August.


To support the safe return of optional in-person learning for in August, stringent health and safety measures remain in place.


All students 12+ and education staff who want a vaccine will get double dosed ahead of September. With the support of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we will be able to provide students with a safe, stable, and more normal in-class learning experience this Fall.


We are taking concrete action that will keep kids safe and allow them to get back in-class where they belong by providing more than $1.6 billion to protect against COVID-19, and with continued investments in infrastructure to improve ventilation and the health and safety of schools.


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