Tow Zone Pilot

Published on March 03, 2021

The ongoing violence and criminal activity in the towing industry is unacceptable and the safety of drivers and tow truck operators will always be the government’s top priority.

As part of our plan to increase safety and oversight of the towing industry we are establishing a Joint Forces Operation team led by the Ontario Provincial Police and municipal police services to investigate criminal activity.

In addition, we are launching a pilot that will introduce restricted tow zones on sections of provincial highways to help clear them faster and safer.

These actions will help increase safety and enforcement, better protect customers as well as improve standards for the towing industry.

The government also intends to propose a comprehensive oversight regime of the towing and storage industry. We will set out minimum tow truck vehicle, equipment and driver requirements to enhance safety and improve standards.

Last year, the government took immediate action by striking a provincial task force and launching consultations with more than 70 industry partners and the public.

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