York University's New Markham Centre Campus

Published on July 27, 2020

The Ontario government is proud to support York University’s plans for a new Markham Centre Campus — the first publicly-assisted university campus in York Region.


The government will provide operating funding for the new Markham campus to help meet the growing demand for postsecondary education in the York Region.


The province’s colleges and universities play a fundamental role in Ontario’s economy and will be key players in Ontario’s economic recovery. By supporting self-funded campus expansions, we are encouraging independence and accountability; expanding choice and opportunities for our students; and protecting taxpayers.


While previous governments have financed college and university expansions with multi-million-dollar taxpayer funded cheques, our government has created a system that encourages new campuses with no new capital costs to the taxpayer.

The new Markham Centre Campus is a model of responsible expansion as it will be self-funded by York University through its own working capital, fundraising and donations.

York University’s new Markham Centre Campus is expected to open in fall 2023 and will provide students in York Region greater access to university programs in the high-demand fields of technology, commerce, data science and entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The new campus addresses the need for skilled graduates, by combining academic programs with on-the-job learning opportunities, to prepare students for the workforce when they graduate.

The updated Major Capacity Expansion (MCE) Policy Framework supports responsible expansion of postsecondary education campuses to provide students with a high-quality education that aligns with labour market needs.  The framework will ensure that future campus expansion plans align with community planning and industry partnerships, are close to transit service and provide strong student outcomes.

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